Wammes Laser

Latest expanding of our portfolio with our new laser models

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Wammes Laser

Production start in Cuba

FIRST air duct production in Cuba (Havana) The company "SEGERE" even has the first fully automatic air duct production of spiral ducts and fittings in KUBA.

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FIRST air duct production in Cuba

Plasma with Rotatorcut

The Plasma cutter Wammes PC allows the most cost efficient cutting for almost all metal sheets, especially for thin plate sheets. Solid design and high quality engineering guarantee the longlife of the machine. Various modular components can be selected to match everybody‘s requirements. Additionally this machine comes with an all embracing HVAC fabrication software. The program includes libraries for rectangular, round and oval fittings as a standard as well as an integrated drawing program with an interface for importing DXF files.

Plasma cutter PC

Technical data

  • Wammes Table sizes:
    - 1000 mm x 2000 mm up to 2000 mm x 6000 mm.
  • Various Hypertherm plasma sources available, depending on cutting application.
  • ROTOCUT, 2 variations:
    - Rotary axis: 80 mm.
    - Rotary axis: from 40 mm to 250 mm.
  • Full HVAC software package incl. 2D drawing program and dxf file transfer.
  • Digital plasma tourch height control.
  • Magnetic tourch holder with vertical adjustment.