Duct stiffener "DUCTFIXER"

The duct stiffening for tightness class "D".

This system guarantees a one-man-installation of the stiffening tubes and tightness class "D", without sealing.

The system remains tight after a hydrostatic test with 5bar. This equates 50-times of the pressure class 3 according to DIN EN 1507.


  1. Insert M10 pin 
  2. Choose visible pin length
  3. Insert tube
  4. Set up grout degree
  5. Pressing 1. side (Compressed air 6-8bar) 135t
  6. Repeat 1. bis 3. for second tube end
  7. Pressing 2. side (Compressed air 6-8bar) 135t
  8. Product ready to be mounted

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