Panel Cutter TruTool TPC 165

The new Panel Cutter TruTool 165 separates polyurethane and polyisocyanurate sandwich panels regardless of whether the panel surface is flat, trapezoidal or corrugated. the machine can handle diverse applications, ranging from crosscuts and right-angle cuts to interior cutouts and notches. Even cutouts on pre-mounted panels are easy work for the new panel cutter.

With a 90 degree adjustable blade, you can easily and quickly produce right-angled cutouts. Another plus: as a result of its immersion mechanism, it's possible to start at any location on the panel without a starting drill hole.

Technical Data


Panel Cutter

Max. panel thickness

165 mm 

Max. individual material thickness for steel up to 400 N/mm²

0.9 mm 

Insulation material

Polyurethan-, Polyisocyanurate-foam 

Working speed

4 m/min 

Cutting track width

4 mm 

Nominal power consumption

1400 W 

Weight without cable

9.6 kg 

Cuts sandwich panels up to 165 mm

  • Precisely dimensioned, right-angle cutouts
  • Interior cutouts and notches without starting drill holes
  • Work completed in one operation, no fishing work needed
  • Cuts pre-assembled panels
  • Easy, non-fatigue operation


  • Roofing- and facade construction
  • Builders
  • Carpenters
  • Heating-, air-conditioning- and insulation contractors
  • Container manufacturing and cunstruction

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